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Social Media "Icks": Major DON'Ts on Socials

Ick! That’s what the kids are using to describe something they absolutely detest. Saying, “That gives me the ick,”—yes, as a noun—is kosher whether you feel weirded out by an idea, uncomfortable in a social situation, or completely turned off on a first date.

Now, while we’re not going to dive into our “ick list” when it comes to dating, we will proudly post our social media icks for all to take note. Ready? Let’s get into it…

1. Buying likes/followers.

This one’s outdated and super icky. If an account—whether business, brand, or influencer—has several thousand followers but meager engagement, that’s a red flag. Social media is only a powerful tool if you use it authentically—building and engaging a loyal audience. If you’re not using it purposefully, it’s just online show-and-tell, and you’re probably not even showing or telling to people who care about what your brand actually has to offer. Buying likes and followers may seem like a quick way to appear impressive, but nowadays, users can easily see through the BS. Social media status is earned, not bought.

2. Posting but not engaging.

One way to get users to unfollow you is to completely ignore them. Social media is meant to be just that—social! That means posting content is just as important as responding to comments and direct messages (DMs). Think of your social media platforms not just as an arm of your marketing department, but also as customer service (answering questions and concerns) and PR (publicly addressing news, events, or issues related to your brand and the industry). Respond promptly and respectfully. Because remember—the customer always comes first.

3. Being too “salesy."

Being too salesy is a total turnoff—like those commission-based boutique employees who won’t seem to leave you alone while you’re shopping even for 5 minutes. Similarly, if every post on your social media is an ad, that can get pretty annoying. Social media is incredible in that it affords people the capacity to engage with your brand. Through different platforms and posts you can inspire your followers to interact, comment, share, like, duet, tag, and more. Overt advertisements can be a super ick for social media users. Remember the importance of providing value to your followers beyond just announcing your latest offering or sale. It’s your opportunity to cultivate deep and meaningful customer relationships.

4. Lacking authenticity.

Hot take: Your brand isn’t and will never be everything to everyone. If you’re spreading yourself too thin trying to make your brand relevant for all audiences, you’re likely losing your integrity, purpose, and passion that set your brand apart in the first place. Remind yourself that you don’t need to hop on every trend, use every hashtag, or please every single person on the planet in order to have a successful, sustainable business. What makes you unique is what makes your target audience love you.<