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The latest algorithm updates: IG and TikTok

It seems like every week there are new updates to the algorithms on Instagram and TikTok. What exactly is a social media algorithm? “In social media, algorithms are rules, signals and data that govern the platform's operation. These algorithms determine how content is filtered, ranked, selected and recommended to users.” Understanding social media algorithms is important so that your brand can be seen and shared and so you can reach a larger audience.

Here are 8 important 2024 algorithm updates on Instagram and TikTok:


Instagram was once the ‘photo-only’ social media app. Now, it’s all about the videos, baby. In 2024, Instagram reels get further reach than photos alone. Pro tip? Keep videos short and sweet (that generally means less than 90 seconds). Shorter videos are more likely to be replayed and mean more content is consumed by each user in a single sitting.

  • Carousels dominate static posts

Just because ‘video is king’ is not to say photos are ‘out.’ Going for carousels gives you up to 10x the chance of getting noticed on a user’s Explore page since each photo can appear on the page individually.

Amp up your searchability with a clear name/handle, keywords and location in your bio, and keywords and hashtags in your captions. They say social media is the new search engine, so make sure you optimize your page to be found!

  • Reshares show engagement

Just because brands can’t see stats from content shared in DMs doesn’t mean that Instagram is unaware of these private conversations. How much people share your content definitely has an impact in how Instagram further shares the content.


Understand your audience and what keywords and hashtags they’re searching for. Then, incorporate these keywords into your own caption and hashtags for better search visibility.

Make use of all of TikTok’s tools and features like trending hashtags and sounds, challenges and dance trends, carousels, and more. TikTok is also a great opportunity to collaborate with other creators via duets and stitches. So many tools are at your fingertips on this app.

  • Find your niche

Frame your content for the audience you’re targeting. Being too generalized won’t win you new users. You want to relate to and resonate with your target audience.

  • Post consistently

TikTok is all about rapid consumption of content. That’s why you need to post quality content frequently and consistently. If you don’t keep up on posting, you’ll fall behind.

There’s no secret recipe to mastering the algorithms on social media whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or another platform. But our best advice is to post quality content consistently, engage with your audience, and stay authentic to your brand. For more guidance, schedule a discovery call with Media À La Carte.

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