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Top TikTok Trends for April 2022

We're bringing you a round up of our favorite trends so far in the month of April. These trends are all easily adaptable to any niche or industry - just the way we like them.

1. Rotoscope Filter + Never Dull Gypsy in My Mind Sound

Use this trend to show 2 different perspectives on something. PS - the filter automatically kicks in when you nod your head and start dancing. It doesn't do the dancing for you, as some creators have found out in a very viral way.

2. "This is perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect."

Use this to showcase an idea or concept you agree with, display products you're selling, show off your outfit ... the options are endless. It will work best if you can be on screen lip syncing to the sound.

3. Waving Arms Filter + Sopa de Caracol (Re-Master 2022) Sound

This trend is a bit similar to #1, but the emphasis is more on what someone says vs what you hear and take to heart. And it's so easy to film - no dancing required; this filter does the work for you.

4. "I actually did it myself."

This one can be funny like the example below, or you can use it to showcase your accomplishments. Ex. screenshots of your online following growing behind you while you lip sync to this sound.

5. "You're gorgeous. You're literally gorgeous."

This sound is perfect for showcasing products you're selling if you're a small business owner. It's also great for showing off your favorite purchases, like the example below. Again, you don't have to be in the video, but your engagement will go up if you can be present in the video and lip syncing to the sound.

Remember, trends come and go quickly! In a week, these might have vanished from the FYP. Start creating quickly and capitalize on these opportunities to gain views.

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