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Top TikTok Trends for July 2022

Check out the hottest TikTok trends of July!

1. "No, thanks."

You know we LOVE a Kardashian audio here at Media À La Carte. Make the overlay text something you would respond to with "No, thanks." Better yet, make the offer something that people would generally say yes to if you really want to up the comedy.

2. "Slay ... SLAAAY" Remix

This trend lets you showcase something that was going well but suddenly goes wrong. Ex. So excited to finally organize my closet! -- Can't even walk through my room because clothes are everywhere.

3. Margaritaville // Law & Order Mashup

This hilarious mashup of music allows you to showcase a conversation where you needed to see if someone's response passed a vibe check. Use this trend to share a conversation between you and a potential client to easily adapt it to your industry.

4. "Ew. This is so cringe."

What's something you do that might be considered "basic" but you fully don't care and will continue to do it anyway? Share it with this trend.

5. Sweet Disposition

This trending song is perfect for your vacation recap. Sync clips from your vacation that took your breath away, and watch the magic happen.

Do you follow us on TikTok yet? Our interns are taking over our TikTok this summer, and you don't want to miss what they're sharing over there. Follow us here.


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