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5 Great Apps for Instagram Stories

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Remember when we all thought Instagram stories were just a rip-off of Snapchat Stories? And we were so sure they’d go away? Ah how naive we were. Instagram Stories are now a staple of Instagram, and many Instagram users spend more time tapping through Stories than they do scrolling their feeds. How do you make your Instagram Stories stand out in the crowd? We have suggestions for the best apps to make your Instagram Stories pop.

This app is great for making stop motion videos (which are majorly trending right now). It compresses hours of work into a couple of taps on your iPhone. The app shows you a slightly transparent version of the frame before, letting you easily line up your next shot. LifeLapse does way more than just stop motion videos, but the stop motion feature is why it made our list.

You probably knew this was going to be on our list. Canva is extremely user friendly, and comes stocked with hundreds of aesthetically pleasing Instagram Stories templates for free. The templates are all fully customizable to your brand colors. The desktop version of Canva has more functionality than the app, but the app works perfectly for Instagram Story templates.

Don't let the word "Adobe" scare you off and make you think this app is only meant for professional graphic designers. Like Canva, this app offers hundreds of professionally designed templates - taking the stress off of you. Adobe Spark Post allows you to use your own brand fonts, or use their eye catching text designs. You can also animate your text, turning your stories into videos (which PS, tend to get more engagement).

You should be showing up a.k.a. showing your face in your Instagram stories. An easy way to do this is to post a video of yourself talking about something. But 40% of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories without sound, so if they see you talking and there's no captions - they're likely to swipe past your story. By adding captions you keep users watching your Stories and more importantly you are making your content more accesible to all Instagram users, no matter their hearing abilities. Clipomatic automatically adds captions to your videos, making it easy to be inclusive on Instagram.

Do you have videos sitting around in your camera roll that are too long for the 15 second Story limit but have a great 15 second section but the idea of editing that section out before uploading to Instagram is just too much for you? Well CutStory is the app for you. You can easily edit video length, as well as add filter, stickers, and GIFs. It has the user friendly nature of TikTok's video editing features and even allows you to plan out your TikTok feed. Give it a try if you're looking to revamp forgotten camera roll footage to add to your Instagram Stories.

By using these apps to unleash your creativity, stay on brand, and post consistently on your stories, we know your Stories engagement is going to start rising. If one of these apps doesn't do it for you, keep trying out new ones. Eventually, you'll find the technology that makes Stories design not feel like a chore.