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Fall's Biggest Social Media Trends

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

With TikTok's future on the fringe, Instagram's introduction of reels, and the D'Amelio sisters signing with Triller (TikTok's newest competitor), a lot has been happening lately in the social media landscape. We know, it can be hard to keep up! So we're sorting through the fluff and guiding you towards what you should be focusing on. Here's everything you need to know be successful this fall on social media.

Look at Data Differently

Chasing likes? Trying to get that number up in the thousands? Dreaming about getting that letter K next to your following number? News flash … it's (finally) time to stop worrying about that number.

This fall, social media managers are looking at data in a whole new way. It's all about engagement. In an overly saturated market where everyone is an influencer; comments, engagement, and actions taken on a post are the new gold. It can be hard to grow your following but having high engagement can create the biggest ROI. A surge in likes doesn’t always lead to long term audience engagement. Make sure your priority is answering comments and DMs quickly. Include those CTAs in your captions. Make your audience know you care about more than just their double tap on your photo. Drive engagement, grow your business.

Involve Your Audience

So how have brands been successfully showing they care? They are engaging their followers at every turn in new and unique ways. Social media users love a “challenge”. Create challenges with specific hashtags for your followers to use. Say you’re a florist with a company called Floral Ferns? Ask your followers to create their own fall themed floral arrangements and post them with the hashtag #FallingintoFloralFerns. Watch the engagement roll in while you do … nothing but sit back and enjoy the creativity of your followers. Offer giveaways to followers who comment on and share your posts - but here’s the trick. Ask them for more than just tagging a friend on the post. Ask them their favorite local coffee shop or what book recently inspired them. And when they comment - respond. Don’t chase vanity metrics. Chase conversations.

Don’t Sleep on Stories

Yes. We all love making beautiful, aesthetically pleasing feeds. But users are swiping more than they’re scrolling. If you aren’t putting daily content on your Stories, you are missing out on important moments of connection with your followers. The extra prep work creating content for your Stories will pay off when your brand pops up in your follower’s morning Instagram Stories swipe through.

Video Killed the [Photograph] Star

Video content is here to stay. With the rise of Tiktok, IGTV, and reels, users are expecting the brands they love to reach them through the medium of video. Here’s the great news - you don’t need high quality equipment or to be a programming wiz to jump in on this trend. If you have an iPhone and the iMovie app (free in the app store), you can step into the world of IGTV and Tiktok and not get left behind. Join in on the viral challenges. Learn the silly dances. Humanize your brand through video.

So do you need to be on TikTok or Triller? Not necessarily. Find where your audience is and create content that will best engage them. That might be TikTok or it might be Pinterest. Get clear on who your audience is and then start implementing these tips and trick for maximum social impact.


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