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How To Brand Your Instagram Stories

Do you wonder how some creators have the cutest stories with consistent colors that you can’t find on the color options Instagram gives you? Well we have the step - by - step guide on how to brand your Instagram Stories without any knowledge of graphic design.

1. Head to a color palette generating website. A great place to start is

2. Pick out a palette that matches your brand and aesthetic. Screenshot the pallet and save it to your camera roll.

3. Make sure to add the palette photo to your favorites, so it’s always easy to find.

4. Open up your instagram app, and swipe right to get to the Stories creator.

5. Take a picture of anything. Yes, even your floor. (don’t worry, we’ll be covering it up fully in this tutorial)

6. Head back to your photos app, find your color palette, and click the share button in the bottom left corner.

7. Click on “Copy Photo”.

8. Go back into your Instagram app, and Instagram will pop up your copied palette in the bottom left corner. Click on the photo to add it to your Instagram Story.

9. Now click on the drawing feature. Click on the drop selector, and put the selector on the color in your palette you want to fill your Story background.

10. When you’ve picked your background color, touch and hold the background of your Story until the full Story is filled with your chosen color.

11. Add some text. Use the color drop again to pick a different brand color for your text.

12. Use the drawing feature to add some cute designs in the background, using another one of your branded colors via the drop selector feature.

13. Finally, drag your palette to the trashcan at the bottom center of the screen and delete the palette.

14. And there you have it! Your brand colors easily used in your Instagram Story!

Happy Branding from Media A La Carte!


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