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How to Create An Aesthetic Email Signature

Your email signature is a useful piece of social media real estate that often gets forgotten. It's a great place to reinforce your branding, and point people to your website and social profiles. We're here to teach you how to build a beautiful, functional website signature - no coding required.

1. You'll need to collect all the elements you want to have in your email signature. We suggest the following list:


company logo

social media icons

You'll want to make sure that all of those are sized appropriately. For our example, we're going to size the headshot to 200x200 pixels and the social media icons to 50x50 pixels. Let's use Canva to achieve this in the next step.

2. Go to Canva and create a custom design that is 200x200 pixels. Select a circle frame from the elements tab, and extend it so it fills the whole design. Put your headshot in the frame. Now place your logo slightly offset. Then download the design as a PNG with a transparent background.

3. Now create a custom design that is 50x50 pixels. Select social media icons from the element tabs and customize them to your brand colors. Put each icon on a new slide and extend it to the whole design. Download them all as PNGs with transparent backgrounds.