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Strategies to Build Your Brand Reputation

“Brand reputation, brand reputation. Oh, you and me will build some brand reputation!” Just like Taylor Swift says, you want your brand to have a BIG reputation…but a good one! Your brand reputation is how customers, stakeholders, and the general public perceive your brand. It encompasses the overall assessment of a brand’s trustworthiness, credibility, quality, and performance. It’s important to note that brand reputation can be affected by both direct experiences and indirect ones…So how others talk about your brand is super important.

Here are 3 benefits to having a strong brand reputation:

  • It’ll guide your decisions when you face competition

  • It’ll direct meaningful hiring (and lead to less turnover)

  • It’ll create more loyal customers

Building a strong brand reputation is critical so that people feel like they can trust you, keep coming back to make purchases from you again and again, and advocate for your brand so new customers come along. Sounds easy, right? Maybe not…Building a strong brand reputation not only takes time, it is an ongoing process. Here are 13 strategies to help build your brand reputation:

13 Strategies to Help Build Your Brand Reputation

1. Define your brand identity

Clearly write out your brand’s mission statement, values, and unique selling proposition. Your messaging needs to be clear and consistent across platforms. We also recommend creating a brand style guide.

2. Provide quality products and services

Make a consistent effort to deliver products and services that exceed your customers’ expectations. Keep your promises and always follow through on your word. 

3. Focus on customer experience

Ensure customer satisfaction at every touch point of the customer journey. Respond to reviews professionally and proactively.

4. Build trust and transparency

Be transparent in your business practices and communications. Stay honest and accountable.

5. Create engaging content

Curate content that provides value for your audience. Use storytelling to humanize your brand and to connect with customers on a deeper level. Telling your brand story can be a great way to share who you are and why people should care about your brand as much as you do.

6. Be active on social media

Utilize social media to share content, connect with your audience, and respond to customer questions and concerns.


7. Influence through thought leadership

Position yourself as an industry expert by sharing valuable insights, expertise, and knowledge via blogs, speaking engagements, and social media posts.

8. Collaborate with influencers

Partner with influencers and other brands that share your values and audience. Their endorsement can supplement your brand’s credibility and reach.

9. Monitor and manage online reputation

Regularly monitor your online mentions and address any negative complaints with an open mind for growth and improvement.

10. Stay consistent across channels

Ensure consistent messaging and branding on all channels including your website, social media, and advertising.

11. Invest in employee satisfaction

Invest in employee training, support, and recognition programs to foster a positive work environment.

12. Give back to the community

To help build goodwill and demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility, support local communities and charitable organizations. Being a good corporate citizen might feel like it goes beyond your brand, but it can make all the difference (literally).

13. Measure and adapt

Use customer satisfaction scores and brand awareness surveys to identify areas for improvement and adapt your strategies accordingly. Listen to feedback (even the negative stuff) and learn how to adapt to make yourself better.

These strategies also work when it comes to cleaning up your brand reputation. You can defend your actions until the cows come home, but being authentic and genuine in your everyday work and interactions is really what will make all the difference.

Need some support when it comes to building (or cleaning up) your brand reputation? We’ve got you covered! Pencil in a discovery call with Media À La Carte so we can learn more about your brand and figure out how we can best help take you to next level greatness. 

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