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The Biggest Trends on Reels (And How You Can Use them To Grow Your Business)

Reels hit that sweet spot between a video on your story that will disappear in 24 hours and a long form video you would post on IGTV. Even though the feature has only popped up recently as Instagram’s response to the popular app Tiktok, some brands have already gone viral on Reels! And they’ve reaped the rewards; BIG sales. How should you hop on this fast moving train? We’ve got the details to get your started.

The Reels feature on Instagram gets you in front of a brand new audience because viewers don’t have to follow your account to find your Reel on the Explore Page. So every time you post a Reel, you are being exposed to a whole new group of Instagram users. That new audience has the potential to be converted into loyal followers or consumers if you play your cards right. Make sure to add hashtags that are specific to your brand to drive viewers to you Reel.

But the best way to increase your chances of getting discovered on Reels is to hop on the trends. Here are some basic viral trends that you can join in on to get your brand noticed on Reels. Read on to see our favorites!

1. The Outfit Transition

Fashion showcased over short video clips has taken Instagram Reels by storm. One of the quickest fashion brands to capitalize on Reels was Louis Vuitton. With some impressive editing, they created a set of reels all with the same concept and story: models standing in stunning clothes, dropping or catching a phone as it pans over their whole outfit. Check it out below.

If you're looking for a simpler way to showcase the fashion savvy of your brand, try this trend of "jumping" into a different outfit. Easier to edit and just as fun as Louis Vuitton's Reel. Like this video created by @candidlychan.

2. Align With Celebs

Post a short clip of a celebrity speaking on a cause that your brand also agrees with. With this trend, you don’t have to film any video content yourself, plus you get to put a message and a face out there that people will relate to. Make sure to add captions so the video is accessible to people of all abilities. We are in a changing social climate where brands can no longer be politically ambiguous. People, especially Gen Z, are interested in supporting brands that align with their values. Don't be afraid to politicize your page. Check out this Reel below by @the_female_lead.

3. Sped-Up How To's

Another Reel idea that is sure to get engagement is a spin off of the viral Tasty videos where viewers watch a sped up recipe prep and cooking process. You may think if your brand has nothing to do with food, this trend can't be for you. Think again! You can use this idea for anything! Film a step - by - step of how you ship your products or how you engage with consumers. Users love watching this particular kind of video because it's psychologically calming and satisfying. Check out this beautiful video of a peaches and cream oatmeal recipe by @frommybowl.

4. The Educator

One final trend that is easy to create and easy for viewers to consume is simply giving 3 tips or facts that relate to your brand. This will help viewers learn about who you are and what you promote, in a quick 30 second video bite. You could make this Reel by videoing yourself talking or dancing to a popular music sound byte. Always remember that your viewers will engage more with an image including a person than they will with just text. Make sure you use captions - 92% of videos are viewed with the sound OFF on mobile. Watch this video by therapist @sereinmicheline sharing 3 signs of high functioning anxiety.

All of these Reel ideas are great jumping off points, but there is so much more you can create - the options are limitless. If you aren't utilizing Reels for you brand, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get your content in front of followers that might never make it to your feed.

Want to learn more about Reels or have someone create them for you? Media A La Carte is here to help. Email us at to find out how we can take your brand to the next level.

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