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Why You Shouldn't Quit Even If You Aren't Gaining Followers

We get it. It can be really disappointing to consistently post quality content on social media and see very small results when it comes to your followers number. It sucks. But we’re here to tell you that quitting is not an option when it comes to the social media presence for your brand. Every post you’ve made is important and a step in the right direction. Here are some reasons you should continue focusing on your social media presence to help support your brand or business.

A Website Simply Isn’t Enough

Having a website is a necessity. It’s the landing page for all aspects of your brand. But having a website alone won’t cut it. Your potential customers are on social media, so you need to be there too. Your website should be built as a sales funnel, organically driving viewers to buy your services or product at every turn. Because of this, it can be hard to give as much personality and humanity to your website as you’d like. Behind the scenes videos and funny, relatable content all over your website could be very distracting. This is where social media steps in.

You Can Tell Your Story More Extensively on Social Media

On social media, you can give potential customers an inside look at your business while still remaining completely professional. People buy from brands they trust. We gain trust through openness and vulnerability. It can be hard to achieve openness on a website if you don’t have a blog (which PS you definitely should have a blog for your brand). It’s easy to be open with your social media audience. Share your successes and your failures. Create behind the scenes videos. Celebrate on your Instagram story when you make a sale. Encourage past customers to tag you when they post about your services. Even if your followers number is low, when people land on your page - they will be able to see the story of who you are, which is the most important element. People buy stories, not products.

You Want to Pop Up in Searches

When people hear about a brand or business, they’re likely to search for it on social media to get the full story (like we talked about above). If they search for your brand, and nothing pops up, you’re losing out on making an impression on this new customer. What’s even worse, is the customer could find a profile that they think is yours and make assumptions about your brand that aren’t accurate. This happens way more often than you’d think - especially for people or brands with more generic names. Make sure you’re optimizing your Instagram bio for searching with these tips.

A Small Audience is Still an Audience

Unless you have zero followers, you have an audience online! That is incredible! We are proud of you for building to whatever size audience you currently have. You might be discouraged because your Instagram reels are only getting around 100 views or your post are only getting 16 likes. But think of it this way: if you had a store front, and you had 116 potential customers walk in during a single day … you’d be thrilled!! Don’t discount the audience and following you’ve already built, and don’t leave them behind by putting a stop to your social media posts.

It Costs Zero Dollars to be on Social Media

You might combat the statement above by saying “Well it costs my time, and as we all know, time is money. My time is worth more than creating social media content.” We hear you. It’s tough. But at this point, if you aren’t spending a portion of your time creating content for your social media pages - you’re throwing away a free advertising space. Unlike newspapers, radio, or TV, you don’t have to pay to have a platform on social media. Don’t throw away this gift because you’re frustrated by your lack of growth.

Maybe your business is doing well, making your time worth a lot of money. You think that a quality social media presence would reinforce your brand and even get you some more customers ... but focusing on your social media is the last thing that interests you. Think of adding a social media manager to your team. Media A La Carte takes an average of 60 hours of work a month off of each of our client's shoulders. What could you do with 60 more hours every month? Hit us up at

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