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Your Complete Guide To What Those Instagram Filters Do

Using instagram filters for your stories willy nilly? Every photo you put up look different? We've got you. Let's sift through the filters together to find the best ones to get your feed looking clean and cohesive.

1. Clarendon

Yeah, we know it’s the first filter option on Instagram. But there’s a reason for that! This filter does a great job of brightening darker photos, and making the difference between bright and dark colors really pop. It’s great for selfies.

2. Lark

You know that washed out look that’s really in right now on Instagram? If you want to hop on this trend, Lark is the filter for you. It bumps the exposure of your photo, brightens all the colors, but decreases the vibrance, to keep the vibes very chill.

3. Walden

Hello vintage. Walden adds a sepia tone to your photos, bringing out the yellow and browns. Add this filter if you want your feed to time travel to a simpler time.

4. Aden

This filter is perfect for pastel lovers. By removing harsh lines, it gives your photos a dreamy, magical effect. How cute is this little princess?

5. Ludwig

This filter is our pick for the upcoming holiday season because what does Ludwig do? Ludwig makes reds pop. We can’t wait to see you use this filter on those bold red lips you’ll be rocking at (virtual) holiday parties this year.

There's a lot more to photo editing than Instagram filters, but we all have to start somewhere. Start now and grow your editing skills as you go. Use these filters and then tag us in your posts!

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