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Hollyn's Top 5 Content Creation Tips

Hey! Hollyn here, Media A La Carte's leading content creator and copywriter. Sometimes I sit down at the computer feeling completely uninspired with anything I have to offer. Can you relate? When I feel like that, I turn to these tips to get myself back on track.

1. Subscribe to Newsletters/Blogs From People Creating Content You Admire (And Actually Read Them)

Part of being a good writer is being an avid reader. The more writing your brain takes in, the more it learns about sentence and paragraph construction - making it easier for your brain to sit down and write caption after caption. Reading a variety of newsletters each week also helps you find your own voice as a writer by noticing the tone and style of other writers. You have a unique voice, and the world needs to hear it.

Maybe you're less interested in writing, but really interested in learning more about photography, video editing, or graphic design for your content creation. There are newsletters for that as well. When you start searching for it, you'll be shocked at the amount of free content people are producing to help you learn. Subscribe to them, keep a running list of content ideas you gain, and refer to that list every time you're feeling less than inspired. My list has helped me more times than I can count.

2. Answer the Questions Your Audience is Asking

If you're passionate about a subject, people will want to read what you have to say. But maybe you're passionate about a subject, and don't know how to narrow it down into specific, bite sized captions and blogs. A great tool to focus your thoughts is You can type in any key word, and it will create a flow chart of questions that people are searching for online. So you want to create content about astrology? Type in the word and let the website work its magic. You'll have hundreds of questions to answer.

3. Let Curiosity Lead You

If you haven't read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love), I need you to put that on the top of your to - do list right now. While the book mostly focuses on creativity in regards to writing, it can be applied to all acts of creation. In the book Elizabeth talks about the "spark of curiosity". When she was in a particularly dry writing rut, she turned to gardening simply because she was very curious about it. That curiosity blossomed into a best selling novel that involved botany as a main theme. If she hadn't followed that spark of curiosity, she says she never would have written that best seller.

You should be doing the same thing for your content creation. See an article that grabs your eye? Read it. Watch a video showing a new photography technique? Try it out. See a how - to guide about Adobe Photoshop. Put it into action! Following your curiosity will grow your skills, broaden your creativity, and level up your content. And then - get this - you can create content about your journey following your curiosity! The benefits are endless.

4. Follow TikTok Creators in Your Field

I know, I know. TikTok is everywhere, and you might have been avoiding it because of its hype. I implore you - log on now. TikTok is not just comedy sketches and dancing videos. TikTok is chock full of educational content. I'm not joking when I say every time I log onto TikTok I learn something new about content creation. People are creating step - by - step video tutorials about everything from how to take better Instagram photos to how to change the color of your T - shirt on photoshop. Any subject you have an interest in (Victorian novels, skateboarding, cooking, embroidery), I guarantee there is a creator making content about it on TikTok. It may take you awhile to curate your TikTok feed to be videos you want to watch, so be sure to click like or follow every time a video pops up that matches your interests. This will teach the TikTok algorithm to give you more of what you want. Give it time, and you'll be heading to TikTok school every day. Remember that tip I gave you earlier? Yeah. I got that from TikTok.

5. Create in Batches

Writing a weeks worth of Instagram captions or creating a weeks worth of photos at the same time is a great practice. If you do it all at one time, it's easier to keep the same artistic tone for your writing, as well as the same lighting for your photography. The same is true for graphic design projects. If you're trying to keep everything in a similar theme, don't split the work up over too many sessions because other elements will start creeping into your work. For me, when the spirit of creativity hits, it really hits. If I grab onto that feeling and run with it, I can batch out a lot of content in a short amount of time. My advice? Always capitalize on the moments when you're feeling creative by batching. Never push the feeling down and work on something else simply because that's what you're scheduled to do. Creativity comes and goes, so we've got to go with it when it decides to show up.

That's it. All of my best advice in a bite sized version, written just for you. And get this - I used every single one of the tips above to create this blog post you're reading right now. They really do work.

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