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How To Create Instagram Highlight Covers

Ever wonder how people have the cutest little covers on their Instagram Highlights? We have the step - by - step guide to creating covers that will boost your profile's aesthetic. Let's go.

1. Create a free Canva account.

2. Search for Instagram Story Highlight Cover templates in Canva.

3. Pick a template that matches your aesthetic or start from a blank template!

4. Change the text.

5. Pick an icon that matches your text.

6. Change the color of the text and the icon to your fav color. You can also change the colors of the background and another other element on the screen.

7. Click the icon in the top right corner to save your design to your camera roll.

8. Go to your highlight and click the 3 tiny dots in the bottom right corner. Then click "Edit Highlight".

9. Make sure the Highlight title matches the text written on your Highlight cover. Then click "Edit Cover."

BONUS TIP 🔥: When you click "Edit Cover" you'll be able to add a Highlight cover without ever posting it to your Instagram Story

10. Select your new cover from your camera roll and center it in the circle. Then click "Done".

11. Instagram will take you back to the page where you can edit the Highlight title. Click "Add" in the top right corner, and your beautiful new Highlight cover will show up on your Instagram profile!

Unleash your creativity on your Instagram Highlight covers! The possibilities are endless on Canva! P.S. If you aren't reaching that peak aesthetic look you're hoping for, you can always get help from us at Media A La Carte!