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Optimizing Your Sales On Social

If you’re not selling on social media, you’re missing out. Sales on social can be an extremely effective means of boosting your overall business sales. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the sales funnel—a map that illustrates the progression of the customer’s journey. Here are the 5 stages of the sales funnel:

5 Stages of the Sales Funnel

1. Awareness

Here’s where you grab the attention of new potential customers. The goal is to be seen. So creating engaging content, posting consistently, running ads, and using relevant tags are helpful ways to increase visibility and brand awareness. Here’s How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page.

2. Interest

Now that people are aware of your brand, it’s your job to pique their interest with content that provides value (i.e. solutions to your customer’s ‘problems’). Create blog posts, videos, and free resources related to your products and services.

3. Consideration

Here, your audience is considering if your product or service is a good fit for them. Persuasion and encouragement are critical at this stage. Make use of testimonials, case studies, comparisons, and UGC (user-generated content) to nudge your audience to the next stage.

4. Conversion

Congrats! Your customer is ready to make a purchase! Make sure the purchase process is seamless and supportive with customer service and clear instructions. Up the ante (and urgency) with limited-time offers, discounts, and special deals. Here’s all about If Discounts and Free-Shipping Impact Sales.