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5 Easy TikTok Trends to Try

Joining TikTok can feel intimidating, so we’ve rounded up the easiest trends to join in on. You can even repost them as Reels to your Instagram account - doubling the impact of your content. Let’s get to it.

1. Stitch Together Live Photos

If you read our article on how to get the most out of your iPhone camera, you already know that you should always have your "Live Photos" feature turned on. You can easily turn these Live Photos into a TikTok with minimal effort. Check out this tutorial by @michellehillier on TikTok.

2. Showcase Your Morning Routine

This takes no additional effort or planning because you're simply recording what you already do every morning. Keep your phone by your side and take 2-3 second clips of you pouring your coffee, making your bed, brushing your teeth ... whatever you want to showcase. Add them all together in TikTok, add a fun sound, and you're done. Here's an example by @tamaraanthonyy. She added in a voiceover to make her video pop.

3. Christmas Baking Fun

Are you a an expert at cookie decoration? Maybe have a unique family recipe you want to share? Similar to the trend above, keep your phone by your side and take short clips of your process. Don't forget to add your favorite Christmas song before posting. Watch @christmas.tok2020 ice this Christmas wreath made of cupcakes.

4. Duet or Stitch Your Reaction to Someone Else's TikTok

This is probably the easiest trend to join in on. On the left side of your TikTok For You Page (FYP), there is an arrow button. When you click on that button, it will give you tons of sharing options. Two of those options will be "Duet" or "Stitch" (if the original poster has these options turned on). If you Duet a video, your video will play alongside the original poster's video. If you Stitch a video, you will cut into the original poster's video. TikToker @yoleendadong has become famous for Dueting videos and describing what she sees in them. Watch her hilarious duet with @juliansilva._ describing his incredible dancing.

5. Cute Animal Videos

This sounds so basic - but you know what, it works. Do you have a pet? Take 3-4 second long videos of them through your day. Add them together in TikTok, pick a sweet sound to match them with, and upload. Or simply upload a single video of your pet being adorable (we know you have hundreds on your phone already, let's be honest). You'll definitely be adding joy to someones FYP. This little kitten meowing (posted by @keke8860) received 1.5 million likes and 13.6 million views.

Don't forget to post your TikToks to Instagram as well, so you can get double exposure on your content! Push past the fear and join TikTok - you might even have some fun flexing your creative muscles.