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How to Add Fonts to Your Instagram Profile

Sometimes emojis aren't enough to make your Instagram bio pop out from the crowd. A great way to make it unique is by changing up the font. Follow the steps below to make your Instagram profile as unique as you are.

1. Google "text converter" to find your own option. Or click here to use our favorite simple text converter. This website is definitely not ✨aesthetic✨, but it's simple and works well.

2. Type in the text you want to have in a different font and click "SHOW".

3. Scroll through all the fonts and find one you like. We're going to pick "Math bold italic". Please, please, please pick a readable font. Readable is more important than unique.

4. Highlight the converted text and click copy.

5. Go to your Instagram Profile, and click "Edit Profile". Head to your bio and paste in your copied text. Then click "Done".

6. Now you have a unique, eye drawing font on your Instagram profile. Some people change their Instagram usernames to different fonts by this method. We don't suggest this because sometimes this can transfer weirdly to different platforms, causing your username to show up lookin' like 𝛓𝓺𐌵ⲁ and nobody wants that.

BONUS TIP 🔥: You can use this same method to add different fonts to your captions. We love the idea of using a different font to highlight your CTA. Draw the eyes to the action you want your audience to take.


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