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Round Up of our Fav Social Media Accounts

We want to share the love with some other accounts that create social media content we love. Adding free value to your followers is key to building community and clients on Instagram, and these accounts all excel at that.

Homemade Social is a great follow for social media tips and tricks, especially for graphic design. They also have great Reels inspo for other social media managers.

If you're looking for social media inspiration for your small businesses, Nicole Lauren Media is a great follow. They also sell presets that are great for making your Instagram feed cohesive with a single click in Lightroom.

The Social Butterfly Gal is all about Instagram. This account doesn't branch out to other social media platforms very often, but they have great hacks and tricks for Instagram!

If you want to have some laughs about social media, you need to follow Burden Brand Management. They have hilarious reels, share funny tweets, and create memes like the one below.

If you've had thoughts about being an influencer, Styling Social is a must follow. They have all the info on how to become an influencer even with a small following number.

Best thing about all of these accounts? They're all run by fierce, bad ass boss women. We love empowering other women, and these accounts do to. Check them out!

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