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TikTok Drops an Incredible New Feature

If you've read any of our blogs about social media management and effective content creation, you know we are big fans of scheduling content ahead of time. We use the service Planoly for most of our clients, but we've also dabbled in Later and Hootsuite. All of these services have been missing one thing - TikTok scheduling with autopost. But TikTok itself just took the lead by releasing a scheduler of their own! Now when you view TikTok on your desktop, you'll see an upload button. When you click on it, there will be an option to schedule your Tiktok for a later date and time. Talk about a life👏saver👏. Let's go step-by-step on how to schedule your TikToks for automatic publishing.

1. Click on the Upload Video button.

2. You'll be taken to the upload screen. Drag your video on to the uploader before your start filling in the caption, so you can optimize your time.

3. Fill in your caption, using a mix of trending hashtags and hashtags relevant to your content. Check all your video settings. It automatically sets the video to Public, and allows users to comment, duet/react, and stitch. If you want to grow on TikTok, we suggest leaving the settings like this.

4. Select a cover.

5. Click the "Schedule video" switch. A box will pop up that asks you to allow your video to be saved to TikTok's servers so it can be scheduled. You have to allow this if you want to use TikTok's scheduling feature.

6. Pick a date and time for your TikTok to be posted. Then click schedule.

7. After your video uploads, a confirmation box will pop up. You can either schedule more videos or head to your profile.

8. You can view your scheduled videos on your profile.

We are so excited about this, and we know it's going to up our consistency with posting on the app. We also love the fact that we don't have to push through the final publishing step on our phone, like many other social media schedulers require with video posts. Try this new feature out ASAP to up your TikTok game.

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