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TikTok Effects To Try in Your Next Video

Instagram became famous for filters, but TikTok is famous for its effects. Effects are used to add details to the filmography of the video. They can be as simple as filters or as complex as green screens and automatic zooms. These effects draw viewers into the video because they're much more interesting than a single angle shot. To use one of the effects in this blog, simply go to the Discover section of TikTok and type the effects below in the search bar.

1. Face Zoom

This effect zooms in on the first face the camera recognizes, no matter where it is in frame. This means you can be standing across the room, and this effect will still find your face and zoom in on it. There are so many comedic ways to make this effect work for you. Check out the example below.

2. Green Screen Eyes and Mouth

Green Screen Eyes and Mouth is perfect for POV (point of view) videos and giving emotion to inanimate objects, animals, or even photos of other people. After you select this effect, you can drag the eyes and mouth to anywhere on the photo. Do you image your pet talking to you? Use this effect and make that idea into a hilarious TikTok! Watch the funny example below, which gives life to laundry left in a dryer.

3. Green Screen

This might be the most used effect on TikTok. It's extremely versatile, as it works well for comedic and educational content. This effect allows you to present media while still keeping your face on screen (like the video below), or you can simply "set the scene" for your video by putting in a background that matches the location of your comedy sketch. For example, if you're acting like a teacher, you can make the background of your video a photo of a classroom.

4. Versailles Run

The Versailles Run effect is taking over TikTok right now. It's extremely easy to adapt to any niche. People are using the effect on themselves, their pets, and inanimate objects. Think of something you'd be excitedly running towards or fearfully running away from, and then make your TikTok with that concept. And also - you don't have to actually make running motions for this effect to work, as many users tried to do while filming the first time. Simply select the effect and the "running" will begin automatically on screen.

5. Psychedelic Clown

Have you ever felt like a "clown" in a situation? Say you wore jeans to an event where everyone else was in cocktail attire or perhaps you got all dressed up for an evening out with friends and everyone canceled. This effect is perfect for these situations. The example below takes it to the next level, and it has us laughing out loud.

The best part of these effects is that they do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to video editing and camera work. They allow you to create content way faster than doing all of these steps the traditional way. Creating a green screen effect with traditional video editing software may look cleaner than TikTok's Green Screen effect, but the truth is - no one on TikTok cares if your green screen looks flawless. Part of TikTok's charm is the imperfections. So get to work creating your video content with these effects, and remember - always repurpose your TikTok content for Instagram without the watermark. For info on how to do that, click here. Happy filming!