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TikTok Releases New "Playlist" Feature

Have you ever been scrolling on TikTok and come across a video where the story doesn't finish or the "reveal" of a before and after is in a second video? Then you swipe to the poster's profile to see the next video ... but you can't find it anywhere. This has been frustrating TikTok users since the app's creation. Because the algorithm pushes older videos that are gaining traction again, your FYP can be showing you TikTok's from months ago - making it impossible to scroll back and find it on a user's profile. TikTok has finally listened and created a "Playlist" feature to fix this issue. Let's get into how you can set a Playlist up on your TikTok profile and how to use the feature to set yourself up as an expert in your niche.

How to Add a Playlist on TikTok?

As of right now, the TikTok Playlist feature has only been given to a chosen group of big creators, but TikTok says that the feature will be rolling out to everyone soon. As of right now, the Playlist feature will only be given to users that have a Business or Creator account, so take care of that ASAP if you want to get this feature when it rolls out. We want to give you the steps to add a Playlist so when it arrives you'll be ready to make your Playlists with zero learning curve.

1. Go to your profile.

2. Click "Sort videos into playlists" under the videos tab.

3. Tap on "Start creating".

4. Write a title for your playlist. It can only be up to 15 characters, so keep it concise and clear.

5. Pick the videos you want to add to your playlist.

6. Tap next.

7. Finally, click "Create playlist".

8. Now that playlist will live on your profile before your video feed.

How to Use TikTok's Playlist Feature to Up Your Game & Get People to Your Profile

Before the Playlist feature was added, there was a big drop in creators making content that led to a part 2 because it turned scrollers off to have to go search for the next video. But with the Playlist feature, there has been a huge jump in videos that span across multiple TikToks because it drives users to creators' profiles. You can take advantage of this too. Instead of smashing all of your tips into one 60 second video, you can spread them out across two videos, telling users to go to your profile and reference the Playlist that the next video will live in. If you already have a lot of content on your profile that all supports your niche, users are very likely to click the follow button when they land on your profile because they know what kind of content they're going to get from following you.

You can also think of your Playlists like your Highlights on Instagram. What do you want to get in front of people's eyes before they even start scrolling through your videos? Put that content in your Playlists.

We're still waiting to be blessed with the Playlist feature on TikTok, but when it arrives - we'll be ready.

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