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3 Instagram Reels Ideas You Can Post Today

With Instagram's announcement that the app will no longer be a photo sharing platform, you might be stressed about how to start pumping out video content. At Media A La Carte, we're all about finding the path of least resistance to achieve your goals. Here are 3 easy Reels ideas you can create today with minimal effort, keeping you ahead of Instagram's video curve.

1. Ask a Question To Drive Engagement

This one is seriously so easy. Pick a trending song or soundbite. Get dressed in your favorite outfit. Video yourself doing a little dance pointing at where you'll add text to the video and pointing to the comment bubble (which will be "floating" to your left). After you film about 5-8 seconds, add in your question where you were pointing to in the video and ask users to respond in the comments. This Reel trick drives engagement, and gets a conversation started on your post - hopefully leading to followers.

2. Share An Industry Secret

Start your video out with a simple hook. "You've been doing [blank] wrong." "You'll never believe how much time you'll save with this tip." "Are you tired of [blank]?" These are scroll stopping phrases, sure to keep users interested past the crucial 3 second mark. After you use your hook, share an industry secret that will set you apart as an expert in your niche. You may think that sharing information like this feels like giving away free work - but you'd be surprised how many client relationships can start from a video like this. We're speaking from experience.

3. Remix a Reel

Have you taken advantage of the Remix feature yet? It will be a lifesaver for creating content when you're feeling out of ideas. Find a creator on Instagram that is creating content that you feel you could add value to. Remix it with your own comments on the advice they are giving. Try to always add value, not make fun of or diminish the points of the original poster. We want Instagram to be a positive place, right?

BONUS TIP 🔥: Are you nervous to show your face without makeup online and you don't feel like putting on a full face of makeup for your reel? Use a filter. We're not kidding. This can make the stress of prepping to film go way down. Put mascara and blush on, and let a beauty filter do the rest. And remember, you don't have to use a filter or wear makeup for your content to be good! Everyone has different comfort levels, and sometimes filters can make people more comfortable online.

We've been stressing the importance of video content for almost a year now on our blog, and with Instagram's announcement - it's now undeniable that video is the future. But we don't think that that has to be stressful. We just have to all start working smarter, not harder. Post these Reels ideas ASAP, and make sure to tag us in your work!


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