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3 Reasons You Should Be on TikTok

While we think the rumors of Instagram being dead are inaccurate (ex. we’ve seen crazy growth on our account in the past couple of months), there’s no question that Instagram has an intense competitor in the extremely popular app TikTok. If you’ve scrolled through TikTok and think the app isn’t for you, maybe you should try out these tips for curating your For You Page. The reality is, if you want to stay relevant on social media, you need to be on TikTok. Both TikTok and Instagram have around 1 billion monthly active users, but here’s the catch: Instagram took over 10 years to get to that number, while TikTok has only been around since 2016. If that growth isn’t enough to convince you, read on to learn why you should be on TikTok.

1. Your Content Will Have Unreal Reach

Instagram’s main feed only shows users posts from accounts they follow. TikTok’s main feed is called the For You Page. This feed shows users videos from all over the world - not just videos from accounts they follow. This means your videos will be shown to a much wider audience than your followers number, which is great news. Small businesses with small followers numbers have had videos go viral overnight, and they’ve woken up to hundreds of orders. This can happen for you too. Right now, TikTok is like the original days of Instagram where organic reach was easy to come by. The viral overnight scenario doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you consistently post quality content, your videos will start to get a wider reach. The average TikTok user spends 52 minutes on TikTok and because TikTok videos are capped at 1 minute long, this means users are taking in around 52 videos every time they log on. Viewers are ready to take in a lot of content when they open the TikTok app, and you can take advantage of that by being present on the platform.

2. The Algorithm Will Help Your Ideal Audience Find You

TikTok’s algorithm catalogs every action users take. The log how long a user watches each video, what videos they like, what videos they swipe by, what accounts they follow, what trends they search - the list could go on and on. TikTok uses all that information to fill a users For You Page with videos that will keep them on the app. If you keep your content consistently in your brands niche, your content will be pushed to people who are interested in your niche. Check out the account @shopthearticlenyc on TikTok. They’ve niched their content down to only posting about sustainable clothing choices, and they’ve skyrocketed to over 1200 followers in just a few months. They’ve had this growth because they create consistent, quality content that stays solidly in their niche. The TikTok algorithm knows who to show @shopthearticlenyc’s content to. Growth like this just doesn’t happen on Instagram because Instagram’s algorithm isn’t as effective in introducing new, relevant content to users.

3. Gen Z Is On TikTok - And They Are 40% of The World’s Global Consumers

60% of TikTok users are Gen Zers, and Gen Zers are currently 40% of the world’s global consumers. Their spending power is only going to grow as they continue to graduate from college and move into the workforce. If your business or brand isn’t on TikTok, you’re essentially ignoring an entire generation online. Gen Z spent over 8 hours a day online in 2020, and 26% of Gen Z used social media to make a purchase in 2020. If you aren’t on their preferred social media platforms, they’ll ignore you with their money.

We have to admit something. We actually enjoy TikTok and what we’re learning about Gen Z. Take the jump onto this platform, and you won’t regret it. Remember when we all thought Instagram was so weird because you could only post pictures? Let’s not be resistant to change with an app that only lets you post videos.

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