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3 TikTok Trends to Adapt to Your Niche ASAP

Trends tend to start on TikTok and then eventually work their way over to Instagram Reels. If you jump on a trend early on TikTok, you'll be able to repurpose that content in a couple of weeks (sometimes months, if we're being honest) on Instagram Reels when the trend makes its way to Instagram. Here are three hot trends that you should get up on your TikTok ASAP.

1. Bongola Bongo ChaChaCha

This one is an easy comparison of what you expected to what you're experiencing now. Most creators dance a little cha-cha during the video, but you can do whatever movement you're comfortable with. Check out the example below and use the sound linked in their video.

Ex for Media A La Carte's niche: "Expecting to have a super flexible schedule when starting my own business" to "being tied to my phones 24/7 so I don't miss a message from a client".

2. Scream Reaction to Praying by Kesha

Many creators are using this sound to reminisce about a moment in a movie or TV show, like the video below.

But this trend is so easily adaptable to any niche. Check out this photographer adapting it to photo editing.

Definitely hop on this trend and adapt it to your niche ASAP. Use the sound linked in both videos.

3. My Back Aches Dance

This is another funny comparison dance, and it works really well for kind of mundane things. For example "doing my work in a timely fashion before the deadline" to "doing my work the day of the deadline". You can learn the dance in the video, but we've seen lots of creators using whatever movement they're most comfortable with. Just make sure your movement is timid in the first half of the video and full out in the second half. Again, this trend is easily adaptable to any industry or niche. Use the sound linked in the example below.

You know what makes all of these trends so easy? You don't have to talk about anything! Which means you don't have to prep your content before you film. In fact, you could film all of these trends before you even know what concept you're going to put on top of them. The most important thing is to start and get your content out there ASAP so you don't miss the trend. If you get it out in time, you'll be all set if the trend migrates to Reels. You've got this!


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