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Best Captioning Apps for Reels & TikToks

Updated: Jan 12

We all know that inclusivity and accessibility are important online. Adding captions to your Reels and TikToks is a great way to join in the movement towards making social media a place where everyone is welcome. But transcribing all of your videos and then creating captions with TikTok or Instagram's editing features is extremely time consuming. It's definitely time for TikTok and Instagram to add this as an automatic feature to their apps, and Instagram is slowly testing out a captions sticker for Instagram stories but ... for now, let's all do our part to fill the gaps. Here are five programs that will automatically transcribe your videos and add captions to them.

1. Submagic

Submagic is an AI too used to create dynamic captions for Reels & Tiktok in just one click. You simply upload your video, choose your language, and the captions will be generated automatically for you. They have templates you can choose from and everything is customizable to make the process as easy as possible from the color to the font or even the overall style.

2. Clipomatic

Clipomatic costs $4.99. You have to record your videos within the app to get auto generated captions, so if you normally film inside Instagram for one of its filters - Clipomatic isn't the choice for you. The app has it's own filters though, and you have options for the style of your captions. It has a 4.6 star rating out of 4.2K reviews on the App Store.

3. Threads

Threads is essentially Instagram's version of Facebook messenger. It's great that they have an app with captioning available, but it's frustrating that you have to leave the main Instagram app to access this feature. Much lik