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How to Make iPhone Mock-Ups in the Instagram App

At this point, the Canva hack of dropping your video into an iPhone frame is pretty common knowledge. It's a great way to tie together a video or design, and it immediately levels up your content to look like professional graphic design. But did you know you can get this affect for your Reels and Instagram Stories without ever leaving the app? Here's how to do it.

1. Head to the creator to start an Instagram Story. On the filters carousel, scroll all the way to the right, until you get to the search. Click on search.

2. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search through effects and filters.

3. Type in the word "mockup", and click on an option that matches your aesthetic. Many of the mockups contain multiple different backgrounds. If you keep scrolling, we'll show you examples of our favorite mockups we found.

4. Tap on the screen to switch through any backgrounds the mockup has to offer. Then you have two options, record something in the moment (which we suggest) or add something from your camera roll. We're going to show the camera roll route because it is a bit more complicated. Make sure you have the camera roll icon selected, and click "Add Media". Pick a video or photo from your camera roll to add.

5. After you've selected your media, you either need to hold down the record button while your video plays or simply tap the button once to caption the picture. When you record a video you've added to your mockup, the sound is lost, and the sound around where you're recording is added to the video. That's why we think this mockup affect is great for photos or recording yourself for your stories.

After that, you're all set to add the mockup to your Story or save it for a Reel.

Our Favorite Mockups

Watch the videos below to get a taste of the cutest mockups we found!

1. Search "IPhone Mockup PINK" by @byrafaviana.

We loved the feminine, light vibes of this mockup.

2. Search "mockup SahExplica" by @sabrinamendes.

This mockup has enough options to meet any aesthetic. It's for sure a go - to choice.

3. Search "IPhone Mockup" by @byrafaviana.

Yup, another by the same creator. Her stuff is good! So many neutral patterns to pick from.

4. Search "iPhone Mockup" by @planbella.

Finally, we have a super basic mockup. Just a phone in front of a white background. We love how clean this looks.

We think this is such a fun and unique to show up in your Instagram stories and in Reels. Try them out, and let us know if you find more easy mockup hacks!

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