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How to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram

Sure - Target has clear branding. And Anthropologie, Starbucks, Zara, etc. But those are brands. HUGE businesses with specific missions. So ... how do you brand a person? It's actually simpler, (and more similar to the process big brands go through) than you think. We're breaking down why personal branding matters and how to do it.

Why Does Personal Branding Matter on Instagram?

Branding is all about recognition. To build a strong following, people should be able to glance at your content and know it came from you before they even see your username or profile picture - in the same way you can tell an ad is from your favorite store just by the aesthetic and the fonts. You want to gain that same kind of brand recognition with your Instagram.

When you have strong branding that your followers recognize and trust to be consistent, you'll stand out from the millions of wanna-be influencers that are posting on - the - fly content without a plan. Personal branding helps you discover the unique perspective you have to share on Instagram, and that unique perspective is what will earn you followers.

4 Steps for Building Your Personal Brand on Instagram

1. Get Straight on Your Mission

Ask yourself "Why do I want to post on Instagram?" Are you trying to grow community? Do you want to share your love of fashion? This answer must be extremely specific. Your answer can't be "I just want to share my every day life online!". That simply isn't enough. Keep sifting through your intentions until you can sum up your mission in one sentence. Instead of "I just want to share my every day life online!" your mission could be:

"I want to inspire women who work from home to create a life that fulfills them through comfortable fashion, easy to cook nutritious meals, and intentional morning routines."

Your mission should include your target audience (the more niche the better), why you're posting, and why people should follow you. For the mission statement above that breaks down into:

why you're posting = I want to inspire

who your target audience is = women who work from home