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How to get on TikTok's For You Page

The For You Page is to TikTok as the Explore page is to Instagram. The major difference is that you land on the For You Page right when you enter the app, as opposed to clicking over to it like the Explore page on Instagram. In fact, you can even scroll the For You Page (FYP) before you even create a TikTok account. This “in your face” accessibility makes the FYP a place that any content creator wants to end up. The beauty is, you don’t need a lot of followers to be featured on the FYP! Here are our top tips for getting your video to as many viewers as possible on the FYP.

Join in On Trends

Adapting a trend to your niche is one of the most sure fire ways to end up on the FYP. Much of the FYP is made up of different creators' takes on the same trend. Does anyone else remember "oooo Caroline - ooooo keep my name out of your thin mouth" from January? This sound created by @lubalin put a Facebook fight about a broccoli casserole recipe to a catchy pop tune. His original video (below) garnered 38.8M views.

This sound was adapted to all sorts of plots and niche's by millions of creators. Check out this video below from an account that only has a little over 1,000 followers but gained 338.5K views by using this sound to dramatize a fight between sisters over clothing.

Get creative and make the trends work for you. This will pay off. And if you think a trend doesn't work for your niche, just remember that a sound about a broccoli casserole recipe helped small accounts reach hundreds of thousands of new viewers.

Post at the Right Time for Your Audience

If you post when they most people are on TikTok, your video will be seen by more people right out of the gate, which causes the algorithm to show it on more user's FYPs. Check out the chart below by Influencer Marketing Hub that suggests the best times to post on TikTok globally.

But there really aren't "perfect" times to post on TikTok. To find out the best times that will work for your account, you need to dig into your insights. First make sure that you have a Pro Account. When you've switched to a Pro Account, you will be access information about your audience - like their most active days and times. Tailor your posting times to match this info - and you should see your FYP reach grow.

Use the Right Hashtags