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The Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram Reels

With the uncertain fate of TikTok in the United States, Instagram recently released a Reels feature to fill the massive video content void that could be left if TikTok is banned. When you scroll through the Explore section of Reels, most of what you see has been edited outside of the Instagram app. Because if we’re being honest … the editing features available on Instagram Reels fall majorly short. Thankfully, Instagram released some updates on September 25th that extend the length of Reels to 30 seconds and makes the trimming of clips easier. But even with that update, we still think there are some better options to help you make your Reels pop. Let's get to it.

This app is easy to use and mimics all the features available in the editing section of TikTok. A popular trend on Reels and TikTok is adding a voiceover to your video. InShot allows you to record your voiceover in the app directly over your video, as opposed to creating a separate recording and importing it into the app. You can also add text, GIFs, and stickers. InShot makes it easy to move all your text around the screen and decide when it will appear and disappear, which is an essential feature to keep up with current Reels trends. InShot is free, but you will have to wait through ads and your exported videos will come with a small InShot watermark. If you want to remove the ads and the watermark, the app costs $2.99/month.

Filmora Go is made for people with very little editing experience who still want to achieve a professional looking end result. Every editing section in Filmora Go is very easy to identify i.e. scissors symbol for video trimming. Almost everything can be easily discovered. Filmora Go has a ton of fun filters, effects and stickers to choose from, which is great! The con is that you can’t search for a specific filter or effect. You have to scroll through all the options to find the one you want, which can definitely become tedious if you're trying to locate a specific filter that happens to be on the bottom of the list. This app is free but has in-app purchases.

This app is a huge favorite of TikTok users, which means it will translate very well into making eye-catching Instagram Reels. The app was originally created for younger users, so the features are extremely simple to understand and use. Funimate comes with all the features available on TikTok editing, but the only background music available in the Funimate app is music from mostly unknown artists. But you can edit in the app, and when you upload your creation to Instagram Reels, you can add in the trending music you want to use. Funimate offers a 7 day free trial, but after that you’ll have to pay $6.99/month. Funimate’s 40 million users all seem to think that $6.99/month price tag is worth it.

If you're already familiar with any Adobe apps, like Lightroom or Photoshop, Premiere Rush may be a great option for you. This app lets you have way more control over your content than other editing apps. You can add in up to 4 layers of video and 3 layers of audio. Other editing apps show all your content pulled together on one editable track. Adobe Premier Rush shows all your content on separate tracks, making it way easier to pull around, reorder, and layer. You can easily add text to any part of your video, and Rush automatically treats it as a separate clip, so you have full control over when it appears/disappears. This app has a high quality free version, but if you want to access all the incredible options Rush has to offer, you’ll need to pay $9.99 a month.

iMovie is the old faithful for all iPhone users. The app is free and comes pre downloaded on your device. It offers multiple preset themes that you can drag and drop your videos into, taking the weight of editing off your shoulders. Another plus of iMovie is you can easily transfer your project from iMovie on your phone to iMovie on your Mac, making it easy to do your editing on the go or from your desk. You can add text to your video as well, but iMovie only gives you three options where to place your text on the screen - top, center, and bottom. Also, iMovie on your phone will export in landscape view, which is not ideal for Reels. The lack of customizability and orientation choices are cons, but the ease of use keeps iMovie on our list.

Making Video is a Must

No matter which editing app you choose, you've got to start making Reels to stay relevant on Instagram. When you post a Reel, your content gets in front of Instagram users who don't follow you - a huge plus you don't want to miss out on. If you're feeling uninspired, there are so many fun viral trends to join in on. Try out these apps and let us know which one you think is best for editing your Reels. We can't wait to see the content you create!


Merve Gurel
Merve Gurel
Dec 26, 2022

There is a new and free app on the block as well, called Reelsy. It helps you create Reels in seconds with trending audio


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