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Why Instagram Reels Are Essential for Growth

In the OG days of Instagram, it was much easier to discover new, interesting content. Now Instagram is so saturated with hashtags and content and ads that it’s hard to break through the noise. Reels are bringing Instagram back to the old days of organic growth from producing quality content. If you haven’t hopped on the Reels bandwagon, but you want to grow your account … it’s time to start making Reels. And here’s why.

A Brand New Audience With Every Post

Every time you post a Reel, it will pop up in your follower’s feed as they scroll through posts. You can choose if you want to include the Reel on your profile’s feed - which is great if you want to create content that doesn’t necessarily match your aesthetic. Your post also pops up on the dedicated Reels feed on Instagram (which very recently replaced the post button). This is where the magic can happen. The Reels page includes videos from all Instagram users - not just videos from people who you follow. So every time you post - your video can easily be viewed by anyone. Here are the first 3 Reels that popped up on our Reels feed. Spoiler alert: we weren't following any of these accounts, but their content made its way to us because the accounts were utilizing Reels.

The Algorithm Will Reward You

Instagram loves users who utilize all of their features. If you still aren’t using Reels, the algorithm won’t want to push your content. If you use Reels, Instagram will push your content to more users. Video content keeps social media users on a platform for a longer amount of time. If you’re creating video content, you’re helping Instagram keep users on its platform. They want your help, and they’ll reward you for it. You may also see a boost in the reach your traditional Instagram posts

Higher Probability of Going “Viral”

In this point of Instagram’s development, it’s pretty hard for a traditional Instagram post to “go viral”. Most likely, the people seeing your posts are people who already follow you, and maybe some extra users you reach through a hashtag strategy. Reels break this wide open. Because your Reel can be shown to any Instagram user that interacts with the Reels feed, your chance of going “viral” increases tenfold. Because social media users crave video content - especially content that creates strong emotions like laughter or empathy - they are more likely to interact with it than they are a stagnant Instagram post. When users interact with your Reel, the algorithm will suggest it to more and more users on the Reels feed.

Check out the posts below. The traditional Instagram post on the left had a reach of 298 accounts. Unfortunately, Insights aren't available for Reels yet, but we can see how many views and likes Reels get. One of our recent Reels hit 2,974 views - that's almost 10 times the reach of our traditional Instagram post.

If you want to join in on Reels, click here for some easy video trends to join in on. You can also try out these TikTok trends that will translate perfectly to Reels. Video editing not your thing? Media A La Carte can send you a list of shots to take with your iPhone, and then we can work the magic of putting it all together. We want your account to grow by utilizing Instagram Reels.


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